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Simple Pricing Guide

Ready to discover the potential of the Affinity suite?
Go Pro to gain instant access to the entire Affinicasts video and course archive.

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Learn for less than the cost of a couple coffees monthly.

What you get monthly:

  • Ability to stream ALL videos and courses
  • Download all art files & assets associated with courses and video tutorials.
  • New content published weekly
  • Learn how to cut ties with Adobe as we teach you the software
  • Complementary 5 day free trial 🎉
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No strings attached. Flat rate for the lifetime of your account.

The Lifetime Plan Includes:

  • Stream ALL free and pro videos and courses
  • Download all art files & assets associated with videos and courses.
  • New content published weekly
  • Learn how to cut ties with Adobe as we teach you the software
  • No monthly payment! 🎉
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your tutorials different than those on YouTube or from Affinity-Serif themselves? Tutorials do exist in the wild covering similar topics as those on Affinicasts.com. Our approach involves creating videos and courses designed to be of real-world context and fun at the same time. Along the way, you will learn more about Affinity-Serif software as well as gain insight from a seasoned pro designer who teaches their skilled way of accomplishing a design.

Our videos and courses are delivered in 4k video quality with professional audio quality to boot. We narrate our entire process from start to finish within each video or course so that you can get context for how things work and the best way to go about doing them. Any assets and art generated during a tutorial or course is freely available to pro and lifetime subscribers. We also offer unbiased feedback about features and how they compare to other design related tools in the space of design software.

Our long-term goal is to create a design driven community where both existing and aspiring designers can come together and learn not only about Affinity-Serif software but about design in general. Future topics include design theory, designing for print, publication design, typography, and much more.

So if you are a existing designer or aspiring designer looking to get into the field (and save a pretty penny while doing so) we invite you to join Affinicasts to learn what some colleges and universities normally charge thousands of dollars for.

What kind of topics are in the pro episodes? Pro episodes are typically a part of a course. They offer content that is a part of something larger than what a single video can convey. Our pro videos also open up techniques involving design patterns, workflow, and optimization.

How often does new content get released? We strive to add new videos every week and new courses every month.

How long will I have access? If you maintain your subscription you'll have access till the end of time! Assuming we are living still 💀

Can I cancel if I no longer want an account/subscription? Absolutely! From your account settings you can either cancel your Affinicasts subscription if you are a pro subscriber or delete your account entirely. If you are a lifetime subscriber you can't cancel your subscription but can delete your account. Canceling or deleting in anyway requires you to re-subscribe if you ever decide to.

How do you store my credit card? We use Stripe to securely store your card in a fully PCI compliant, SSL, and AES-256 bit encrypted server.

Have more questions? Head to the contact page to talk to a human.